Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stash Busting Progress Report

In my continuing effort to use the vast array of art & craft materials that I already own, I embarked on a stash busting adventure.

So far, I've made progress on the quilt top.  I've also made cloth napkins, three sun bonnets, a book bag for Elly's friend's birthday party, and I'm working on a mama bag for a friend of mine.  So far, so good.

I'm particularly proud of the napkins, which are made from a ring sling gifted to me when I was pregnant.  I love that it's getting repurposed like this.  It's also been used in other places.  And the rings themselves are now part of a hand knit baby scale that a doula friend of mine made.

Note to self: do not walk away from the sewing machine and leave Ellis in charge.

Even an everyday napkin needs embellishment.

For the book bag, I used stash fabric I've had forever, including some American Jane.  Possibly my favorite red polka dot fabric ever.

A few of Elly's friends have been wearing some truly adorable sun bonnets.  Since I have perpetual I-can-make-that-itis, I decided to try my hand at pattern design for a gift for someone.  I dug into my designer stash, making what I hope is good use of my Heather Ross fabric (bought on super sale last summer at a fabric store that was moving.)

The back piece is giving me some grief, but I have plenty of time and supplies to get it figured out.

For the mama bag, I'm using scraps from the other projects as well as some stash fabric.

So far, it has received the Winnie Seal of Approval.

I'll keep you posted on more progress as it happens.

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