Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden Update

Our French Breakfast and Crimson Crunch radishes are starting to be ready.

Of course, we can't wait.  Ellis and I help ourselves every morning while we water the garden, not even caring how tiny they are.  Tonight I'll be making an arugula salad with garden arugula.

Do you like the shadow of my camera in that picture?  Classy, huh?

 My first crop of lettuce didn't do well, I think because of its proximity to Elly's mud garden.  So I've also resown more lettuce in a different spot.   I've also resown arugula, and radishes for a continual harvest.  Our bean plants are looking good as are our zinnias.  I'm a bit worried about the carrots.  They are in a container and I may need to water them more often.

As for the seedlings we put in, the tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers, as well as the basil and oregano are rocking.  2 out of 3 tomatillos look good.

I'm thinking I'll try repotting the third to see if I can get it to rally.  It's pale and small compared to the other two.  I also have two thyme plants from a friend.  They didn't do that well in the transplant, but I'm hopeful.

Random tomatoes from last years dropped fruit keep showing up all over the plot.  I'm starting to think of tomatoes as weeds.  I need to change this mindset lest the rest of my on-purpose plants get the wrong idea and die.

I'm telling you, people, eating from your garden is addictive.  It's like crack, but far better for your teeth.

Meanwhile, from our farmers market bounty, we've been enjoying garlic scape pesto, roasted asparagus, roasted turnips, fresh feta.  We're looking forward to tasty scape and cucumber fridge pickles in a few days.  I've started my first jar of lacto-fermented pickles.  I'm a bit nervous about them, as I always am when making food that may eventually poison my family.  However, based on the success of my sauerkraut earlier and the fact of no one dying as a direct result, I am trying to stay calm and optimistic.

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