Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Vacation Play

Ellis and I are in Summer Vacation mode.  I have to say, it's exhausting.  I'm working on getting us into a rhythm.  He's a very busy person, so I'm in a perpetual search for activities.  Here's what we came up with on Monday.

Coffee filter butterflies.  We were inspired by this post on No Time For Flashcards.  Because I knew he wouldn't want to wait for glue to dry, we used our Do-A-Dot markers instead of glue and glitter.  

These markers have actually turned out to be way more awesome than I thought they'd be.  Something about them really appeals to Elly.  He uses them in all kinds of creative ways.  I'm sure you could buy cheap Bingo doppers instead of these fancy markers, but I'll pay extra for washable ink, oh yes I will.

And since we were finished with this by 9:30 in the morning, we needed another project to keep us going.  He's really into science projects these days, so back we went to No Time For Flashcards (sorry I can't find the post again) and we experimented with dissolving.

We used coffee grounds, peppercorns, quinoa, cumin, and sugar.

I will not post the picture of after he dumped the entire concoction on the floor. Or of the dishes filled with coffee grounds and peppercorns currently piled in my sink.

He didn't fully grasp the concept of dissolving.  Either I didn't explain it very well or he was more interested in just the doing than in the thinking.  He was convinced the peppercorns dissolved.  They did not.  We will do a follow-up activity at some point, to see if he gets the idea more fully.  He did, however, enjoy noticing what did or did not float.  So maybe that'll be our next activity.  After I do these dishes.

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