Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thrifting Toys

I went out for a very quick thrift yesterday morning, since the kid needs a few summer things before we head out on vacation.  Imagine my surprise to find it was half-price day!  And imagine my delight when I saw this.

I have been searching for the Fisher Price schoolhouse forever!  Probably since childhood because I didn't even have it then.  It's in good condition, though it's missing all the pieces.  Who cares.  We have 9 zillion pieces to put in it.

I also hit a garage sale and scored some Lincoln Logs and bristle blocks.  I'm saving the bristle blocks for our 10-11 hour car trip coming up in two weeks.  The Lincoln Logs are already in action.

I was a bit annoyed to find that the Lincoln Logs have followed the trend of making their sets less creative.  Instead of a set of general building items, this set contains only what is necessary to build a frontier veterinarian's office.  Hmm.  What happened to the green pieces for making the roof?  What's up with the crappy plastic roof pieces that only fit if you've built the structure exactly to specifications?  Ellis quickly got bored of the frontier vet office and used the toy in a way that suited him. I'm sure that soon, he'll be using the logs as swords, just as he should be.

Of course, for pure awesome toy enjoyment, nothing beats a box from the garbage.  When I saw this giant carton in my neighbor's recycling area, I all but ran out to get it.

Behold Captain Ellis' spaceship.

(Please also enjoy the background views of my messy dining room.)  Well, the only that beats the box, I suppose, is the packing material inside of it.

I'm still cleaning it up two days later.

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