Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Anne Dissolves, Everybody Wins

The other day, Ellis and I did a science activity inspired by No Time For Flashcards.  It went pretty well.  On Wednesday, we went and did a very similar science activity at my good friend Anne the Chemistry Teacher (Among Other Things)'s home.  It was freaking awesome.

Anne has a different approach to science than I do.  Whereas I just put my materials in whatever I have handy, Anne has professional chemistry equipment and teaches my child the term Erlenmeyer Flask. 

(For the record, I personally learned this term from The X-Files.  Ellis does not yet watch The X-Files.)

Anne also favors labels. 

As an approach, it works.

See?  The kids were really involved in the activity.  They did it for minutes on end, a clear sign of a successful activity.

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But the important lesson that I think I learned (on top of now understanding that dissolving involves ions and polarity) is that even with the best laid plans, my child will still end up just mixing everything together.  The fact that he did that last time wasn't due to some failing on my part, it seems.

Is it possible that this is just who he is?

And that I am just who I am?

And that we are perfectly suited just because?  I'm going to go with yes.

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