Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Era of Illness, Conclusion

Way has lead on to way around here.  I feel like the past two weeks are just lost to time.  Please excuse the relative silence.  We all seem healthy at this point, so it's just time to get back to it.

During the illnesses, I've started a granny square blanket for my dad, done a fair amount of sketching, embroidered quite a bit, looked at countless images of other people's art on the internet, but done very little thinking and feeling about art beyond I like this/don't like this.  It's amazing how totally absorbed I have been in simply taking care of my family.  I had so little left over for anything else.

Before the Era of Illness descended, I was working on some new ideas for the shop. 

None of it's really ready for prime time yet, but I was feeling okay about how things were going.  I'll try to get more details up in the coming days.

In other shop news, I was included in my first treasury.  I was very excited and flattered.  I've been feeling a bit down about the lack of sales (and lack of inventory) in my shop, so this was a welcome boost to my confidence.  I plan to keep that confidence going.  Hold me to it, okay?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sick Days

Sorry to be MIA.  Norovirus hit our house and I just haven't been in a very bloggy place.  So far only Sarah and Ellis have been sick.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Sickness does offer a lot of down time, though.