Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter, After the Fact

Oh, Life, you do get in the way of blogging sometimes.  The catch-up is too big for one post, so I'll spread it out.  This post is Easter.

Last year, we used natural dyes for our eggs.  See?  This year I just wasn't that girl.  We used neon food coloring from the grocery store, oh yes we did.

Oh, I want to be that girl all the time, always seeking natural, lovely, environmentally sustainable everything for my family.  But as it turns out, that is a tricky business in the world these days.  And sometimes (often), I fall short.

There was an Easter egg hunt at our local park.  It pretty much covered our candy quota for the year.  Again, it'd be great to not get my kid all hopped up on HFCS and whatever else is in that candy.  But sometimes it's also nice to just to to the egg hunt that's happening three houses away.

In any case, Ellis had a great time.

Bunny ears, courtesy of Ava.

We had Easter dinner at my friend Venessa's house.  It was low-key and lovely. I made apple gorgonzola walnut salad and scalloped potatoes to go along with the leg of lamb Venessa roasted.  I tried a new potato recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart.  It did not disappoint.  It shall be my new go-to scalloped potato recipe.  Except next time I will use more salt and pepper (I under-seasoned it for some reason), more cheese, and I will add nutmeg.  I may also make this into a casserole for regular eating by adding more veggies and some bacon or ham.

So that was Easter.  Stay tuned for more on Ellis' new glasses, kid art, our new couch, and new work.

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