Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting Out of Their Way

We've been working on some art, oh yes we have.

I finished this piece and it's now up in the shop.  Josie approves.

And Ellis has been finishing pieces, too.  My Aunt Ann gave Ellis an art kit for Christmas.  Although he has a full array of other art supplies at his disposal, there's something about this kit that seems to make him feel like an artist.  This art session was fully kid-directed.  His idea, his process.

This giant tube is from a new rug we got.  Totally his idea to paint it.  Also, for the record, he's wearing shorts underneath that t-shirt!  We have a pants-required policy for using paint.

He also created this paper towel piece.  I gave him the paper towel to wipe his hands off and he noticed the way the towel soaked up the paint and decided to make art out of it.  Children really are natural artists.  I have to keep reminding myself to get out of his way.

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