Sunday, April 21, 2013

Home Is Where The New Couch Is

We've made some recent upgrades to our living room.   Although it was lovely before, there was the issue of a giant, hideous broken tomato-colored uncomfortable couch that was simply ruining everything.  There was also the matter of our budget, which was and is as tight as can be.  Any changes had to be cheap and probably thrifted.

We were thrilled to find a very reasonably-priced Ikea couch and desk on Craigslist and to have accented it with a very cheap but new Ikea rug.

I do need a new shelf for under the window to hold books and fabric and other supplies. The perfect shelf in the the proper dimensions has proven elusive.   I may have to make it with my own two hands (and the hands of others who know more what they're doing).  The ottoman also cries out now to be refinished.  I don't know what direction that will take.  Ruby likes it how it is, of course.

I have also at long last put our vintage card catalogue (which was free, by the way) to good use holding some smaller fabric pieces and other notions.

Of course, now that I have this giant work table organized all nicely, I hate to mess it up with work.  I pretty much just want to sit here and gaze upon it's general awesomeness, its vast expanse of space, and imagine the possibilities.  Look at these beautiful linens all in their places!  How can I toss them around?

This is, of course, part of my own artistic struggle with perfection.  I probably should just be working in a cave with a cardboard box of material and a sewing machine on a card table.  That way, whatever I created would be a miracle.  Instead I have this new amazing space, rife with expectations.  Suffice it to say, I think this is the right problem to have.

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