Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break: A Week of Milestones!

We didn't go anywhere but Sarah took several days off.  So we had some good family time.  And we conquered some milestones.

Ellis learned to write his whole name.  The best part of about that was that he was eligible for his first library card!  He was so proud.

Ellis got his first haircut at a "salon".  He's been having trouble sitting still for our at-home haircuts, so we needed to bring in the professionals.

He got to sit in a race car and watch The Little Mermaid.  Pretty sweet.

He enjoyed the experience and the results!

And finally, Ellis had his first eye exam.

I'll likely do an entire post at some point on kids and glasses.  But meanwhile, he loves them, can see better, and looks ridiculously cute in them.

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