Friday, September 14, 2012

Less is More

Things are looking good on the strike front, which is awesome since I could use a break.  I mean, my kid is awesome, but he becomes more awesome when I am am rested.  We have been enjoying playing and hanging out.  And we've been building.

Last Saturday, I took the day and cleared out Ellis' room.  I took about two-thirds of his toys and clutter away and fully organized everything else.

The bed is a vintage find from Pittsburgh years ago.  The quilt was an amazing Christmas gift from Ellis' Aunt Nancy, who does amazing work.  She somehow knew just how to match Elly's room without knowing what it looked like!  The name banner is older and inspired by Soulemama.  The garland above that is a dinosaur garland I made for Elly's 3rd birthday.  I cut out pictures of dinosaurs from books and sewed them into a garland on my sewing machine.

His dresser is usually a wasteland of "treasures".  I cleared it off to make room to focus on his bug and worm collection, his special picture of Sarah with our old dog Winnie at Starved Rock, and his name train.  The picture hanging was designed by Ellis himself for Sarah when she was sick.  We've pinned snapshots around it.

I am looking for a better bookshelf to occupy this space.  This one is awesome but too small.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled.  It is filled with only the best toys:  Dinosaurs, cars, "guys", quiet time books (that Ellis can look at on his own), and his treasure boxes.  And of course, the best treasure of all: Cranky.  Cranky was a generous gift from Elly's friend Jack, who gave Cranky to Ellis for Christmas from his own train collection.  So special.

His closet was formerly filled to the brim with toys.  We cut back:

(Note that Ellis has a walk-in cedar closet that he in no way needs.  My own closet is tiny and unsuited to my needs.  Isn't that always the way?)

We also have a few bins of things under the bed and a box of night-time books next to his bed.  And in my own back craft room, I'm housing other toys to be rotated in and out.  Meanwhile, our dining room is filled with toys to be donated or handed down.

Since the clearing, Ellis has played way more with all of his toys, has played better on his own, and I have spent way less time cleaning up.  Win on all fronts.  It's so interesting to me that less really is more where possessions are concerned.  With fewer things, he's able to focus more intently on the items in front of him.  He has fewer distractions.  He truly engages more in his play.  Simplicity.  It's what all the cool kids are doing these days.

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