Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It's hot and sweaty up in this kitchen, oh yes it is!  I've been on a cooking and canning marathon, which I hope explains the blog silence.

We've put up whole tomatoes (using the Ball Book Whole Tomatoes in their own juice recipe).

And Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce.  A special thanks to my friend Suzy for supplying the bourbon.  Seriously, I don't really like bourbon and I liked this.

And ketchup.  Behold the carnage.  We used our food mill and the end result resembled a murder scene as much as it did a canning session.

We tried to cook down the ketchup in our crock pot, but after 15 hours, we gave up and put it on the stove top, where it cooked down quickly and just fine.

I pressure canned chick peas and pinto beans.

And Veggie Stock and Chicken Stock, although I don't have photo evidence of that handy.  But I'm proud to say I can now pressure can on my own.  Oh, the possibilities!

And, finally, Plum Lime Jam (using the Pomona low-sugar pectin recipe).

It's been hard work for sure, but totally worth it.  Sometimes I just go and look at my jars, imagining these yummy flavors deep into winter.  I am a dork that way.

We are still hopelessly below our whole tomato goal and haven't really done any salsa.  There is a tentative plan to head to a U-Pick this week-end to score some cheap and plentiful tomatoes.  Unfortunately for Sarah, I am now allergic to tomato foliage.  Guess who's picking 120 lbs. of tomatoes!

And as you know, I've been having sadness over the lack of cheap local peaches in these parts this year.  However, this morning at the farmers market, the peach guy made my day by giving me a bag of bruise-y peaches for FREE!  I see peach jam on the horizon.  Who knew I was the kind of girl whose day could be made by spoiled produce?

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