Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And The Moral of the Story Is. . .

Don't spill wine on your laptop.  Not even just a little bit.  I was lucky that it only affected the keyboard, trackpad, and casing.  Not so lucky that it didn't cost  an arm and a leg to replace, but at least it was replaceable.  I've been on my old computer since Friday, which is so slow it can't even blog.  I'm glad to be back. I'm looking into having some sort of liquid-proximity alarm installed on the fixed laptop.

The other big news is, of course, that the Chicago Teachers Union is on strike.   This is generally not an overtly political blog, except to the extent that the personal is political.  And of course, my personal is more political than average, you know, 'cause of the gay stuff.  In any case, I've been torn over how much to discuss the strike here in this space that's generally about art and cooking.  That's what my Facebook page is for, right?  Of course, this blog is also about parenting, and I can't just pretend that it's business as usual around here.

I guess what I'll say is that my family supports the Chicago Public School teachers specifically and unions broadly.  We believe the more protection workers have, the better.  We believe being protected makes for happy people and happy people are better at their jobs.  We believe in the power of lots of individuals coming together.  We'll be supporting the teachers in every way we can and hoping for a fast and positive resolution to this.

(We'll return to regular programming tomorrow, wherein we'll address the 50 lbs. of tomatoes in the trunk of my car.)

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