Thursday, December 6, 2012

Throwing the Towel In, Not Really

Yesterday was all about new towels for the shop.  The first step for me with new pieces is sorting through my fabric for the foundation and embellishments.

Finally, I settled on this table cloth.

The fabric itself is in great condition and the print is vibrant.  But one corner is stained, so I don't feel so bad slicing it up.

It took me awhile this time to figure out how to work with this pattern.  The red here is rather tomato-y and was tricky to blend with the motifs and colors I had.  The bright oranges and yellows turned out to be the secret.

I was able to cut 3 tea towels from the cloth.  Here's the second one.

And here's the first one getting stitched up.

I hope I can get all three finished and into the shop today.  Those shelves are very empty!

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