Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's Santa's Workshop All Up In Here

Santa's Workshop is in full-swing around here.  Today is tree-getting day.  Ellis is currently bouncing off the walls in a very crazy fashion as we wait for Home Depot (Christmas tree lot of champions) to open up.

I've been busy shipping off towels and collages to the ends of the earth.  Well, Indiana and Pittsburgh.  I decided to wrap the towels with Christmas-y bakers twine (from Paper Source).  I'm liking how they look here.

This isn't the ideal time of year to be hanging out at the post office, but I'm making due.  Waiting in line gives me time to meditate.  Or that's what I tell myself as I wait.

With all of the pieces going out, I've also been busy making and listing new pieces.

Check out Jen's Next Chance shop for the listings.  Tea towels do make a lovely gift if you're still working your way down your Christmas list.

So, we're putting up the tree, making gifts, shopping, and decorating this week-end.  Ho-ho-ho!

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