Monday, December 3, 2012

Let The Countdown Begin

There's no denying that Christmas is coming, even if it is 60 degrees here in Chicago.  We're counting down the days with an Advent Calendar.

Ellis wanted one that involved candy and presents.  I wanted to make something like this.  In the end, we took the simplest of routes, which proved to be the best.

We cut 25 strips of paper, stamped them with dates, and each day we'll connect one link to a paper chain.  Unexpectedly, this is a great learning activity.  There's cutting and stapling and stamping for developing fine motor skills, and counting and number identification, both while making the numbered strips and then finding them each day.

Once the Advent chain pieces were done, we made family paper crowns.  Ellis was very much into the stapler.  Didn't he do a fantastic job on his crown?  It was entirely his idea and design.  He's very proud.

You know, the lesson about simpler being better and less being more is one that I am always relearning.  My personal impulse is for more things and more complexity, which doesn't bring me happiness.  The best moments are the simple ones.  Remind me of that next time, okay?

In shop news, the tea towels are literally flying off the shelves.  Well, I made two sales.  In any case, I couldn't wait to make some more.

Luckily, I had help.

And getting work done is much easier when you lock up the children, I always say.

Ellis played in the dog crate for about 40 minutes.  It was kind of awesome.

And now here's Monday.   C'mon, Monday, let's do this.

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