Monday, May 14, 2012

Craft Reorganization

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.  I know I did.  I started out on Saturday morning with some awesome thrifting.  I bought the perfect gift for myself.  It's a tiny dresser for the dining room to hold kid's craft supplies.  Doesn't it go well with our other kid's dresser holding craft stuff?

I've long admired Soulemama's craft cupboard.  I've wanted to create a central place for our family crafting materials.  Over the past year, I've been hunting for a mid-century china cabinet to serve this purpose.  Luck has not been on my side. Finally I got tired of disorganized supplies and brought out the larger vintage dresser that had been living in my own craft area.  It really worked out well, but I still wanted a bit more space.  And here it is.

On Sunday, I spent the morning reorganizing my art and craft stash.  That may not seem like a traditional Mother's Day activity, but I loved every minute.  Then Sarah's sisters watched Ellis while Sarah and I went shopping ALONE!  Can you even imagine going to the grocery store and taking your time?  No one pestering you for anything?  It was heaven.  Finally, we worked in the garden, getting everything ready for our favorite organic plant sale of the season.

As for my stash organizing, this project is taking awhile because I both have so much stuff and and haven't organized it lately.  In fact, I doubt I've ever organized it so thoroughly.  I'm tackling things a little each day.  I'm hoping to be done soon.  Check out what I've sorted so far.

My supply of vintage trims:

Small but usable fabrics:

Felted wool cut into squares for a quilt I never made:

 Vintage tablecloths, curtains, and sheets:

Yarn odds and ends:

And Winnie helping me sort scraps once Ellis got bored of it.

I'm looking forward to the end of the project, but I'm also really enjoying the process of going through everything and getting rid of what I don't need.  It's very cleansing.  I feel like it's making room in the house but also in my mind.

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