Sunday, October 28, 2012

Puttin' Up, Week-end Edition

As the season winds down we're putting up apples galore.  Special thanks to my friend Anika for being generally awesome and sourcing cheap local organic apples for my friends and me in an apple-poor economy.

We've put up 10 quarts of applesauce and 6.5 pints of pectin from apple leavings.  (Much of this was done in group canning sessions, but I didn't take pictures.  Sorry, friends!)  It's hard for me to keep apples around for canning since my family prefers to eat apples off the core.  They eat them as quickly as I can bring them into the house.  I was lucky to can what I did.

I also did a major fridge and freezer clean out this week-end.  My fridge and freezer are both chronically over-crowded--something I'm trying to fix.  This clean out resulted in 17 1/2 quarts of vegetable broth all pressure canned and gleaming.

This Fall, I'm working on mastering sourdough.  The above pic shows my second attempt at actual bread.  I used this recipe.  Next time, I'll reduce everything slightly to account for my oven, which wasn't able to cook this loaf through without burning the crust a bit.  Still, the bread was delicious and requires NO KNEADING!  I'll keep you posted on my sourdough progress.  I'm determined to get this figured out.

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