Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Regularly Scheduled Program

I just checked.  The last time this blog had any art or craft content for anyone over thirty was August 4th.  Unacceptable.  You'd think nobody around here does anything but can.  You'd be mostly correct.

However, it is Fall so I do have some projects on the needles:  Fingerless mitts for me and a blanket for a Christmas gift.  Frankly, I'm struggling with both.  I've redone the thumb gusset on the first mitt twice and have messed it up both times.  I have messed it up differently each time, so at least I'm learning. 

As for the blanket, well, I'm just not loving it.  I've started various versions over and over.  I need a clear vision.  I'm waiting for inspiration.

As for sewing and embroidery, I pretty much have done nothing.  Partially, I really have been busy with cooking and canning.  But I'm also in dire need of some new glasses.  I can't see well unless the light is very very good.  Alas, the light is rarely that good.  Once I can see again, things should pick up on the art front.

I did trick out some too-short pants for Ellis.

Too bad for me that he'd already grown out of the waist and hips, as well.  They are cute but don't fit anyone who lives here.

As long as I had the machine up and running, Elly decided to get in a little sewing action.

I'm proud to say that he worked the machine all by himself.

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