Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Last of the Garden

Ah, green tomato season.

We pulled in the last of ours over the week-end and cooked up some delicious green tomato and poblano chili.  If you have green tomatoes left, I highly recommend this recipe.  My dear friend Anne introduced me to this recipe and I'm so glad.  It's a truly fabulous dish with just the right amount of complication to make you really appreciate how delicious it is.  I substituted green tomatoes for the tomatillos and it was just as good as with tomatillos.  Poblanos add just the right amount of quiet heat while the pumpkin seeds add a surprisingly awesome texture.  I wish these pictures were going to do it justice, but they aren't.

I doubled the recipe, so we'll be enjoying this for quite awhile.  It yielded over 6 quarts.  The whole thing was made even more delish by my first giant batch of veggie broth cooked up in my thrifted stock pot.  My old biggest pot was 6 quarts.  This one is 16 quarts.  However, I only made 9 quarts of broth.  Any more than that and the pot gets too heavy for me to lift without fear of giving myself a boiling broth bath.

What I didn't use for the soup, I put up in my brand new pressure canner.  My friend Robin and I were sharing a pressure canner for the past year.  As we learned the ins and outs of pressure canning, it became clear that we each needed our own.

Isn't it shiny?  I love it.  It's a Presto 23 Quart.  I'm looking forward to many years of canning with this baby.

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