Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick + Spontaneous Summer = Skipping Blogging

I can't believe I've missed like 9 days of blogging!  We've been sick.  Ellis had a spectacular double ear infection, double eye infection.

I've had a lingering virus I just can't shake.  Add to that freakishly awesome "Winter" weather in Chicago (days upon days of 70's and 80's) and it was a recipe for not blogging.

I'm putting my nose back to the grindstone and resolving daily blogging for 9 days as penance.  It is, after all, Lent.

Meanwhile, I have gotten some new work done.

I finished some knitting, but can't mail it until the plague clears.  Hate to send pathogens across state lines.

Did some more work on an older piece in progress.

I made some reusable snack bags (after majorly messing up some curtains).  They seem good.

And in celebration of the earliest summer on record (and surely also of the coming apocalypse of which we will not speak), I made some pickles in March.  They aren't local or organic, but when I saw them at the market for 49 cents a pound, well, I couldn't resist.

I used a very basic brine, last Summer's ends of pickling spices, and some very ordinary cucumbers, dill and garlic for some easy peasey refrigerator pickles.  I sliced the cukes very thin so they'd be ready fast, before the summer gave way to normal temperatures.  We've already eaten one jar.  I can't wait until bizarro Summer is over and real Summer begins!

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