Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Sick Days

All of that deep thought apparently took a lot out of me because I ended up getting super sick for the second time in a week.  Like, fever sick.  I hate fevers.

If it wasn't the deep thought, maybe it was the kids' birthday party planning?

Elly got to have 4 friends for his 4th birthday party.  We tried to do as much handmade as we could.  I had planned to make the kids plush dinosaurs, but with all the illnesses, we did end up having to buy party favors.  And although the frosting on the cupcakes is handmade, the cake mix is pure Betty Crocker.  Just like my mom used to buy.

I wish I could do everything, be everything.  But even doing this much sent me straight to bed.  So there hasn't been much art making or even artistic thinking.  I'm just happy to be up and around.

We're still taking it a bit slow, but I still wanted to get my art on.  So today E and I stayed close to home and made rainbow rice, inspired by my friend Anne and the internet.

Mixing it up!

We did need something to do with all that extra white rice, since we're moving toward whole grains.

A good time was had by all.

The finished product and subsequent playing.

And my favorite part was where he planted seeds (marbles) and waited for them to grow.  They will, apparently, take 60 years, or so he tells me.

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