Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm glad to be home.  I did feel a bit under the weather yesterday, fighting a cold or something.  The plane ride gave me a sinus headache the size of Illinois.  But I rallied.  Today is better.

I love my home.

I am reintegrating into my life.  I have some vegetable broth simmering on the stove.  This means both a yummy smell in my house and more room in my fridge and freezer.  Good things both.

I reorganized the linen closet.

First of all, in Chicago, I am super lucky to have a linen closet at all.  It's as if architects in 1920 thought, well, people won't probably need towels or soap.  They won't need extra space.  Chicago closet space is hard to come by.  News flash, loser architects:  everyone needs space.  Our place, though, is closet-rich.

My organizational system is from the dollar store.  For 8 months, I have been planning to make earth-friendly biodegradable storage from recycled or up-cycled materials.  And I just haven't gotten around to it.  Finally, I just decided to buy it.  I feel bad about creating more landfill and all of that.  Guilt.  Bite me.

But I do love my newly organized closet.

The time away from my work also gave me some perspective on things.  In particular, seeing this piece for the first time in a week told me that it's finished.

This is my favorite part.  (Sorry it's sideways.  Argh.)

I don't know what the destiny of this piece is.  Essentially, it was practice, as is everything I've been doing just lately.  I'm trying to find something, though I don't know just what.

I borrowed heavily from other artists I admire while making this; I'm not sure it's truly mine.  Still, I like looking at this piece.  I feel like it could be it's own thing, or it could be a useful object, a pillow or something.

Honestly, though, I'm not sure it's sturdy enough for pillowness.

I will give it a few more days.

It takes time to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

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  1. Jen- I love you. I love your mind, your perspective, your dilemmas, all of it. Will you and S PLEASE move closer?!? I was thinking your embroidery deserves to be stretched on a frame, like canvas, and hung on a wall. It's GREAT!!!