Sunday, February 12, 2012

Embroidery! On An Embroidery Blog, No Less.

The art content around here has been less than I'd like.  Of course, I've been busy, inspiration has been hard to come by,  and the light, frankly, has been crapola as far as pictures are concerned.

I got sort of stalled on this piece, which was surprising to me.  I'd planned it out more than usual to avoid getting stuck, to give me a roadmap to work with.  But then I didn't love where it was going and I couldn't break out of the map.  When it doubt, put a flower with it.

That got me going again.  Well, that and some variegated threads.

Here's Josie the cat checking out the neighborhood.  Isn't she pretty?

This piece is about silence--and not silence, inspired by Audre Lorde who said, "Your silence will not protect you."  When I'm feeling shy about my life, which is not conventional, per se, I remind myself of those words.  This piece is about being loud in regular life, about the right kinds of loud, about speaking up.

This bit is from a vintage hankie with one torn up corner.  Thank goodness for torn up corners or I'd never be able to cut into the vintage linens.

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