Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today is a Great Day

(This post was written yesterday, but I forgot to publish it.  Oops!)

It was freakishly warm here in Chicago today.  Ellis and I headed to the park after lunch and I swear it was at least 55 degrees and super sunny.  It felt like Spring.  A weird spring that comes while your Christmas tree is still up, but I'll take Spring weather whenever it comes.  On our way home after 1 1/2 hours, carrying sticks and handfuls of mud, Ellis proclaimed, "Today is a great day."  We spent another hour in the back yard making mudpie soup and filling up the water table and drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

Today was so great, I didn't even pause to take pictures.  I'll just have to keep it in my memory.  And heart. Gag, I know, but I'm serious.  Parenting is incredibly hard.  Harder than you really think it'll be when every single person in the whole universe tells you that parenting is really hard.  Maybe for you, you think, but for me, it'll be the kind of hard that's also awesome because I am going to love parenting.  On balance, I think that's true, but there really are a lot of days where it's just the kind of hard that really sucks.  When days like today come along, you have to grab them.  You have to make mudpies while the sun still shines.

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