Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Sarah took Ellis to her sister's band concert in Peoria today, so I've had the house to myself to clean and work on new pieces.  I'm doing my best to stay off facebook and otherwise waste time internetting around.

I started a piece today that I'm really excited about.  It combines the things I've been working on this month--drawing, lettering, new stitches.  And I'm starting it with a vision of what the end might be.  Lately,  I've really just been winging it, adding one element at a time.  This is wonderfully freeing way to work, but lends itself to artist's block (I don't know what to do next!) and to very busy pieces.  In any case, I'm loving this process, too.  There's nothing better than a clean living room, an embroidery hoop, a plan, and a Neko Case Pandora station.

I guess if I had my camera to show you what I'm up to, well, that might be better.  More old pics here to make things interesting.

Look!  Little Ellis with Zinnia the chicken!

Look!  My desk in our old apartment with its amazing light!

Look!  Silly Ellis in our old apartment, dressed to the nines as usual!  Please note the swim shirt and rain boots, just in case.

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