Monday, July 8, 2013

Up North

We just returned from our annual big family vacation Up North (that's Northern MN for you southerners). As usual, it was lovely.  Our weather was absolutely perfect.  It was 79-81 degrees and sunny.  Every. Single. Day. File that under Big Win.

This vacation was sort of a canning vacation in two ways. First, I served Peach Bourbon Barbecue Sauce from last year's canning season.  I'll definitely be canning more of that this year. I only put up 4 half-pints last year and saved two for this trip. Second, I may have convinced my sister to start making her own jam! She's still a bit nervous about the whole canning/maybe I'll kill my family thing, but I think she'll try out some freezer jam this year (or whenever jam season is in Australia). I did also bring up some pickled asparagus, but managed to break the jar when opening it. File that under Not Awesome.

Ack! Just now, while getting my camera cord to upload my pictures for this post, I set a glass of red wine down on my desk. Too bad that in the dim light, I also set it down on a clothes pin and spilled red wine all over a stack of vintage linens. Most of it is no big deal, but I think I ruined two really lovely crocheted pieces. File that under This Is Why We Can't Have Anything Nice.

I'm going to cut my losses and skip the pictures for tonight.

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