Monday, July 15, 2013

Making Space

Yesterday was a day to clean up and clear out. We needed to get rid of what didn't need and make room for what we do need. And mid-July, one thing we need is blueberries. So we must make space in the freezer.

A thorough accounting of the freezer inventory revealed copious chicken stock materials--enough to feed an army--and 3 quarts of tomato puree.

10 quarts of chicken stock and 3 quarts of Bloody Mary mix later, the freezer is ready for blueberries. I love my pressure canner!

Of course, we also filled up the fridge a bit with Cucumber pickles, but I expect those will be gone shortly.

Photo Credit: Ellis
Photo Credit: Ellis

Now, if I could just find a way to clear out and make space in the rest of the house, I'll be set.

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