Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canning Season 2013

It's that time of year. Lots of delicious fruit that has to last all. year. long.  I use a spreadsheet to keep track of my plans.  It lives here.  Feel free to take a look.

So far this year, we've canned Strawberry Jam and Strawberry-Balsamic Jam. I had planned to add thyme but killed my thyme plants and was thyme-less at the critical moment. The jam turned out great anyway. We picked the berries ourselves in the pouring rain. Although I'd definitely prefer it not be pouring rain, it was sort of nice to not get a mega-strawberry-picking sunburn and sweat through all of my clothes. The downside, of course, is we don't really have any pictures worth posting.

We've also done two kinds of pickled asparagus, this spicy dill one and the Sherri Brooks Vinton Put 'Em Up Pickled Asparagus with Mustard Seed recipe. I confess, I've already tried both and both are yummy.

This week, however, is all about the cherries.

Because of our vacation, we miss quite a lot of cherry season.  This year, my awesome friend Anika did some picking for me and will be bringing both sour and tart cherries this afternoon.  I also picked up some farmers markets cherries. They're gorgeous but so pricey.

Maybe someday I'll have a cherry tree of my very own.

In other jar-related news, look what my good friend Anne had for me today. I love cuppow! Ellis also got a blue one. Let the mason jar obsession continue unabated.

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