Monday, July 16, 2012

Quilt Binding and New Friends

We have discovered the cure for the losing our dog blues: a new dog!

Her name is Ruby and she couldn't be sweeter.  She's a medium-sized mix of something, though likely some chow based on her spotty tongue.  She's as mellow as they come, which is perfect because Winnie can't handle anything crazy right now.  Well, besides her own crazy, which is thankfully still in evidence.

Ruby is nursing her own injuries.  She recently had surgery to correct a bone splinter in her hip.  Although she's on her way to a full recovery, her back leg is very weak and she still needs to take it slowly.  Check out her purple stitches!  They might inspire some fiber art of their own soon.

Hey, what's that?

Meanwhile, I've been making bias tape.  Yesterday, Sarah, Ellis and Ruby headed off to the pet store to get a new tag for the new pup.  Winnie and I stayed behind for rest and craft-relaxation.

I've made bias tape before using my bias tape maker.  However, I lent that to a friend.  I had to kick it old school and diy that bias tape for real.

I used this tutorial for the cutting and this one for the pin trick.  I did melt the plastic head of my pin.  I really need some glass-headed pins.

I will admit that my second batch turned out somehow not cut on the bias.  So it's not as stretchy.  I'm going to use it anyway, though.  Well, I'm going to try it.  Hopefully it'll work.  I'll be sewing it on today.

It was so nice to craft with Winnie.  She slept peacefully next to me.  She's such a good dog and we are going to miss her beyond belief.  I'm so grateful for the time we have now.

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