Friday, January 4, 2013

Back In The Studio

It's time to get back to work.

This piece uses studio scraps and is largely improvisational, a way to keep my hand moving during down time.  I always need a project to be working on in the background that is low-pressure.  If it doesn't turn out, I won't be disappointed.  Of course, these pieces tend to gain significance as they go along, and then they aren't exactly low-pressure anymore.

With this piece, the quote has personal significance.  Now I'm feeling a bit stuck with it.  This is one of the issues I'm struggling with on a lot of pieces.  I know it has to do with wanting to do everything perfectly.  And then I let perfect be the enemy of the finished and I'm left with only dreams of perfection and a lot of fabric.

I have been journaling as I'd resolved, as a means of working through some of these issues.  Although most of that has been written, yesterday I worked on sketching and drawing.  Somehow, that led me to this piece.

I'm really trying to figure out how to create a textured background that has the right feel to it.  I have a certain difficulty with the look of newly done patchwork.  I love vintage patchwork that shows its age.  When I create pieces myself, though, I don't like how new and tidy it looks.  How sort of planned and intentional it seems.  I often stitch the background together and then the piece usually looks sort of finished and I don't see how to embellish it.  The embellishments themselves seem like add-ons.  The piece doesn't seem organic.  

So this is another attempt.  With this piece, I'm determined to push through and do the embellishing hoping that the feeling I'm looking for will emerge.  Perhaps these pieces of patchwork are essentially the blank page of the writer, that perfect page the writer doesn't want to mess up with her silly words.  Or perhaps it will remain looking uninspired but at least I'll know.  And then I can figure something else out.

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