Friday, December 30, 2011

Turtledoves And All Of That, Holiday Redux

So it's the fourth day of Christmas.  Now that things are beginning to settle down, we have some time to reflect.  We had a lucky holiday this year.  I had really wanted to lay off the consumerism this year.  We tried to make things ourselves, shop handmade or thrift as much as we could.   Even Santa shopped Craigslist this year and scored a Plan Toys doll house so awesome that Ellis literally jumped for joy when he saw it.  Now that's what I call a total score.

We were also very lucky to receive some amazing handmade gifts.  Quilt-maker extraordinaire Aunt Nancy sent this bright quilt for Ellis' bed.

Josie the cat went crazy for her catnip mice.  I know Santa stayed up late stitching them for her.

Ellis made quick work of the stockings.  This year I made stockings for our dog and kitty at Ellis' request.  These are made from recycled sweaters that I've hoarded collected over the years.

And no holiday would be complete without games.  Ellis especially loves Jenga from Grandma and Grandpa.

After the gifts, we geared up for Christmas dinner with my partner's family.  Ellis and Sarah hard at work on the Christmas garlic bread.

And in case Rudolph had too much candy, Ellis brushed the reindeer's teeth.  With Ellis' own brand new Christmas toothbrush.  Just what I was hoping he'd do with it.

Meanwhile, I was able to get some personal work done.  For me, that's the best gift of all.

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